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Beattie Produce

Beattie Produce sells a range of fruit, veggies, meat and seafood direct from farm
Fresh Food within the Cairns Region

Fresh Food is in abundance within the Cairns Region but knowing where to source it from can be tricky. There are a number of great places where you can get fresh from the farm produce largely sourced from within 100 Miles of Cairns.

In this video Paul Oliveri from 100 Mile Author caught up with one of Marjorie Beattie from Buy Direct Beattie Produce on the Atherton Tablelands. Marjorie sells a range of seasonal fresh food from within 100 Miles of Cairns and the surrounding regions.

Marjorie also lets viewers know about some great pork, beef and lamb suppliers in the region supplying direct to public.

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Edited transcript of the interview

G’day folks Paul Oliveri here from 100 Mile Author and I’m here with Marjorie Beattie, we’re having five minutes together from Buy Beattie Direct produce Co. I’m not getting caught with that one again Folks I’ve been tripping on that name
all day. Excellent so Marjorie we’re just talking about supply and one of the things that your business does is is sources direct from farmers and into business and then distributing from there to consumers.

Yes,so we supply the likes of small caterers, cafes, Rainforests bounty Gallo’s Dairyland all sorts of all sorts of small restaurants In Yungaburra, as well as direct to the public. Excellent so pretty much you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s available within there within the region.

The other thing that has really come of really come of age on the Atherton tablelands is the meat that’s coming direct from farm to the end consumer. What have we got up there at the moment?

Well you’ve got quite a few different people actually, you’ve got 

Beattie Produce sells a range of fruit, veggies, meat and seafood direct from farm
Fresh Food within the Cairns Region

John Bull Farming (beef), Shane Beattie with his pork you’ve got another young couple from the Upper Baron just coming in, they’re gonna have not only Lamb.  That’s absolutely unheard of for the Tablelands… Lamb, on the Atherton Tablelands.

That’s right because they’re coming in because they’ve got the South African (Dorper sheep breed). It’s a sheep breed that lose their own wool so you don’t have to sheer them. Right, okay so conditions up there are great for the lamb meats.

So sorry one thing though I had to mention to you was John Bull Farming is organic – isn’t it? Yes I haven’t got his product at this point but he’s one. There is Shane Beattie with Pork and it’s all organic, this new couple it’s working on their branding so it’ll be a bit of a surprise, we’ll push that when it comes.

You heard it hear first folks so they so you’ve got you know as I said pork, beef and lamb will be coming on board as well as eggs,all right stuff.  But I wanted to say it’s good to see young farmers really coming on and I mean young farmers trying to step into our role.  Because at one point the average age of farmers on the Atherton Tableland in one category or another was around 65 to 70 so I’m actually a young farmer believe it or not.

The other thing that we’ve got which it isn’t specifically from the Atherton Tablelands of course is seafood. Yes we get that from NQ Prawns down in Cairns. they package it up for us and bring it up.  We sell that.  So this is wild caught prawn. Wild caught which has been packaged up into cutlets, baramundi, mackerel.  Well I’ve just basically got the basics you know just straight prawns, mackerel and baramundi.  Excellent all wild caught stuff.  So we’re getting close to being a one-stop shop.

Yes, well all I need is a bit of milk and a bit of bread, don’t I really. One thing I’ve gotta ask you about though is have you got garlic Australian garlic?

We’ve got beautiful Australian garlic which is actually what they call Russian garlic but it’s Australian garlic grown at Ravenshoe so it’s organic.  As well I’ve got a great ginger farmer at Topaz which is also organic, we’ve got some sweet corn, beetroot and potatoes coming in from Dimbulah so we do have a bit of organic produce coming out.

Excellent good stuff, okay be up soon no worries.  Excellent folks and thanks very much for watching and thanks for your time Marjorie.

Thanks Paul.

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