Save time and money using video

This image is a screenshot of how 100 Mile Author put together their About us video.
Let us demystify this for you.
This image is a screenshot of how 100 Mile Author put together their About us video.
Let us demystify this for you.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you will have heard about content marketing and how you need to be using video in your business.

More than likely you’ve checked out the price of having someone do this for you and had chest pains when seeing the final quote.

Next on the to do list was the ….I’m sure I can learn to do this for myself… but you got busier, as if that was possible. Now the whole content marketing/video strategy for your business, is in the too hard I’ll get to it later pile gathering dust.

I can tell you from experience it doesn’t have to be like this, these days with the technology most people have sitting around their homes you can produce TV quality video and we can show you how.

Click here to see a video from our collection.

But rather than you sitting in a classroom trying to learn a new skill while thinking about the 3.5 million other things which haven’t been done, we’ll come to you and spend the day…one on one.

Not only will we tailor the instruction to your technical abilities and equipment (where possible) we’ll also have you producing your own videos.

With our guidance by the end of the day you could have produced a product video, training program for staff or a helpful marketing video for your customers or clients.

You can create whatever you’d like.

The only limitation is your imagination.

Pricing/Terms and conditions

Prices for one on one, day long tutorials start at $800

(based on an 8 hour day at your location)

Prices for one on one, half day tutorials start at $500

(based on 4 hours at your location)

Currently the above offers are for our valued clients within one hour drive from Cairns.

If outside this area please


Phone: 0407630398

to negotiate a deal that’s right for you.

Price includes assistance in setting up video editing software Camtasia (free month trial version) and if desired use of our equipment for the period of the one on one tutorial.

Bonus offer

As a bonus offer we’ll also assist you to setup your own YouTube channel.

**Unfortunately at this time we can only offer this service for PC systems.


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