What to eat on Australia Day

Zingo...100% Pure Mango Iceblock

Last year on Australia day we wrote a blog post on “Does Australia have a National dish”? Feedback on the post showed a whole range of views on whether in a hugely multi-cultural society we did indeed have a truly Australian dish.

This year we decided to tell everyone about one of our favourite cold treats… the “Zingo”, a 100% pure frozen Mango ice block. Zingo is the brainchild of husband and wife farming team John and Debbie Nucifora from Ariga outside Mareeba, FNQ and it ticks a lot of boxes for the team at 100 Mile Author.

Mango ripe for the picking…beautiful blush on this variety.

First the food miles on this product are incredibly low. Mangoes used in Zingo come from John and Debbie’s farm and are processed in their on-farm facility. John’s a bit protective about the process so we couldn’t get into the factory as such, but from harvest to the plant the mango travels less than 500 metres.

Next on the impressive stakes particularly for those watching what they eat is the no added sugar, preservatives, colours, flavours or water. Zingo is gluten, dairy and nut free and a lot less messy than eating a chilled fresh mango. This said, in the interest of full disclosure and with no offence to John and Debbie we must admit the whole fruit is another favourite of ours.

With Cairns’ Australia day temperature forecast set to an overcast, balmy 31 degrees or 88 in Fahrenheit for any US readers it shouldn’t be too bad a day. However, in our humble opinion regardless of whether the sun even looks like peeking out today head for some shade and grab yourself a Zingo from the nearest stockist.

We will be right after posting this.

The Zingo is the brainchild of this husband and wife farming team.


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